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Testimonials from Clients

  "My dog "Cody" endured TPLO surgery on his left rear leg at the age of 9 and while there were complications and a second surgery required, he did finally recover and has full use of the leg. However, when he came up lame on his right rear leg and faced the same diagnosis and remedy of surgery a few years later, I asked a co-worker if he knew of anyone that does acupuncture on dogs and am so thankful he gave me Dr. Quentin's name. After having five weekly treatments, Cody was markedly better and using his leg again without having the recommended surgery. I have continued the acupuncture treatments about every six weeks and am happy to report he has a bounce in his step and is even getting relief from the pain of arthritis he has in his back. We have been able to ween him off of the pain meds he was prescribed and now give him supplements like glucosamine, turmeric and a bit of aspirin. He feels so much better that  I've had to keep him from running as he feels good enough to shift into high gear at the age of 13 even though he shouldn't! I recommend every dog owner consider this avenue of treatment before considering invasive and costly surgery and pain medications. Sarah Quentin is a miracle-worker."
     -Stephanie B.

"Lollipop is a 10 year old tiny, fragile, Teacup Poodle. She was born with hind leg knee joint problems that has gradually worsened with age, along with arthritis. Her little hind legs were becoming twisted and I could see her mobility was deteriorating quickly.
About a year ago, Lollipop started acupuncture treatments with Sarah Quentin, at the suggestion of my mother, who's arthritic miniature horse was greatly relieved with Sarah's acupuncture treatments.
I am so pleased to say that Lollipop has responded extremely well! She has lots of good days now, and many far less bad days. The progression of her joint deterioration has slowed to the point that she is now on a once a month treatment.
By the way, I was a bit fearful for her to go through the treatment, thinking she could panic and struggle with needles sticking out of her. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sarah's experience handling small animals put Lollipop at ease right away. Within moments I could see her relaxing. She seems to enjoy the treatments and at times can even fall asleep. She has never been in pain during a treatment. Always a positive experience. Thank you Sarah!"
    -Kathy C.
Dr. Quentin began treating my new horse, Fred, a Hanoverian cross, in January 2012.  He was just diagnosed with EPM and was having some pain in his right hind – he wouldn’t put much weight on that foot and his muscles showed some atrophy.  Part of the EPM was a lack of proprioception in that foot as well.  Fred responded to the first treatment immediately – during that first treatment he began to put weight on that right hind.  Fred has moved from being treated for the hind pain to simply getting immune support for his battle with EPM.  To look at him now you can hardly tell there is anything amiss – his hind end has filled out, he puts weight on both feet and his proprioception has improved markedly.  He is in very light work now and seems very happy.  I am a huge fan of Dr. Quentin!"  
   -Anne F.

   "My horses and I agree, Sarah is an absolute pleasure to work with. She has helped two of my horses with chronic issues that had not been successfully treated through traditional veterinary practices. I find having Sarah's work as a complement to my regular vet provides a well-rounded view of and approach to my horses' health. I highly recommend Sarah's work and have experienced first hand the great care she takes in the well-being of the horses she's treating."
   -Deborah L.

   "My horse "MFA Real Magic" had some shoulder issues about 6 weeks before an endurance ride. Sarah fixed them all and Magic loves her!! We competed and finished our endurance ride.  I would highly recommend Mendocino Coast Equine for anyone looking for "Wholistic " medicine."
   -Calamity P.

   "Sarah provides a personalized, thorough assessment and treatment of both my horses ( 27 yr old arab mare and 12 yr old thoroughbred gelding) After the treatment both move more freely and comfortably. With each subsequent treatment the improvements continue. Once when my mare injured her neck Sarah was able to help her recover quickly. Sarah is very skilled, knowledgeable and kind."
   -Marilyn M.

   "Sarah has treated my three horses using acupuncture, cranio sacral, reiki, plus diet and recommendations for many other aspects of their care and well being.
She has a peaceful and understanding demeanor that is well suited to this type of work with my horses and with me.
I have noticed quite a change in my horses; form a releasing of tension to more freedom in movement. My horses had many issues related to abuse and pain. I have seen
amazing changes in their attitude and body issues. I am sad to be moving away from the area and hope to find another practitioner as wonderful as Sarah."
   -Marlane B.

   "My horse, 16 yo rescued TB, has been very sick last year with colic, scratches leading to massive lymphangitis in his right hind, relapse, huge hoof abscess same leg, lymphangitis. We treated him with traditional medicine, and I feared to lose him several times within a few months. Even my vet was not sure he would make it. I thought it might a good time to complement the treatment with an alternative approach to boost his immune system. Sarah was a very big support and very helpful in guiding me through what would be the adequate long term treatment. She reviewed his existing diet and supplementation and added a few key elements. She did acupuncture and cranio sacral on him, and it was so impressive to see how much his body (and mind) responded to it. No placebo effect here. He improved really well and completely recovered his range of motion.What was really incredible was his mane : he's had a split mane for as long as I remember, which is usually related to vertebrae being off. Sarah stuck just one needle in his neck. He did not seem to appreciate it too much, but the very same night, his mane was all on the same side and still is after 1 year! I tell this to everyone doubting acupuncture, it is so amazing!I have been recommending Sarah to all my horse friends, she does wonders! Thank you."
   -Floriane W.

   "Dr. Quentin has helped my herd numerous times, doing accupuncture on my full size horse & helping me with various medical issues. She is caring, involved, knowledgeable and will give the extra time to research whatever she needs to, to help the horse."
   -Sandy E.

   "I had Sarah come to see my horse Buck as he was lame on his right front leg.  After two treatments of acupuncture and some cranial sacral work he was no longer lame and moved freely.   Thanks Sarah!"
   -Ellen C.

  "To all horse people:
I would like to mention for those of you that don’t know her Sarah E. Quentin of She offers Veterinary Acupuncture, Equine Craniosacral Assessment and Therapy, Complimentary Medicine, Reiki, Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation, and Nutritional Consultation for your horse. I highly recommend her services; I am not receiving any benefits from promoting her I just believe strongly in the benefits of her treatments for horses. She worked on one of my horses for two sessions and he became a completely different horse. He had come from a cutting trainer who worked him for a year with no success. He had many battles with him and had a wreck in the trailer, all of which left the horse with several mental and physical issues. He was petrified of loading in a trailer and had a sore hip and was very stiff in his pole. He moved around with his back hallowed out and his head almost straight up in the air. He had difficulty picking up his leads and was very rough to ride. I had Sarah come out and work on him and she found several issues with him physically. After the first session I noticed immediate improvement, mentally he was much more relaxed and comfortable. He was moving much more smoothly and picking up his leads much easier. After another follow up session he was unrecognizable as the horse he used to be. When I would go to catch him he would come walking up and meet me licking and chewing. He is much more relaxed while tied up and performing very well. Pictures of him can be seen in my “Quinton in Reigning Training” Album (the name is completely coincidental). I wish I had before pictures to show the difference. Any horse in any discipline will benefit from her treatment. The dividends pay off enormously in the horse’s state of mind and physical performance."
   -Jason S.

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